Worthwhile experience of KOBİA activity

Worthwhile experience of KOBİA activity

19 October 2022 0000

Emil Mammadov, Representative of KOBIA

The Agency for Development of Small and Medium Businesses of the Republic of Azerbaijan - KOBIA, as a permanent participant of international projects of Iteca Caspian, this year takes part in the exhibition "Restoration of Karabakh" with a sense of responsibility.

The KOBIA stand united thirteen Azerbaijani private companies (the agency gave them the opportunity to present their services free of charge), and I believe that this event will be useful and successful for all of us.

The companies presented at our stand specialise in construction, design, production of windows and doors, and there is even a virtual hypermarket company.

On the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, in Karabakh, active construction work is underway. Small and medium-size private entrepreneurs who would like to help restore this historical area contact KOBIA, where we analyse their ideas, projects and pass the most interesting ones to higher authorities.

There are already several small and medium-sized companies operating in this region that have been selected by KOBIA and, after approval, have begun to invest. In particular, an enterprise for the production of medical equipment operates in the Zangilan region, but I think that other specialised small and medium-sized enterprises are also important.

The exhibition will make it possible to establish the necessary connections at all levels.

And guests of the exhibition from other countries may also be interested in the experience of KOBIA