Soon there will be more work for everyone!

Soon there will be more work for everyone!

21 October 2022 0000

Ganira Gurbanova, Starkimboya company:

Our company produces different types of polyethylene paints, polyethylene granules, and the construction exhibition held in Baku helps us find customers, even among foreign companies.

This event not only serves for  demonstration of modern technologies, but also forms a model of professional communication between people from different countries.

My opinion on the restoration of Karabakh liberated from occupation is that the region is recovering at a rapid pace, and this makes us very happy. There are work opportunities for small private companies as well, since in addition to large-scale state-level works, the works of local scale are also carried out there.

Our company, through intermediaries, supplied electrostatic powder paints to the Karabakh region.

We think that over time, when more territories are cleared of mines there, the additional work opportunities will appear for all interested companies, and we will begin to send more of our products there.