Rebuild Karabakh takes place in the Year of the City of Shusha

Rebuild Karabakh takes place in the Year of the City of Shusha

19 October 2022 0000

On October 19, Caspian Construction Week, which welcomes the 2nd Azerbaijan International “Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh” exhibition –Rebuild Karabakh, the 27th Azerbaijan International Construction exhibition – “BakuBuild” and the 14th International Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary and Swimming Pool started at the Baku Expo Center.

The opening ceremony of the Caspian Construction Week was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Sahib Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency Orkhan Mammadov, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Dovletkhan Dovletkhanov, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Control over Safety in Construction under the Ministry of Emergency Situations Elkhan Asadov, Deputy Minister of Health Rasim Ismayilov, General Director of Caspian Event Organisers Farid Mammadov.

In his opening speech, Farid Mammadov, General Director of Caspian Event Organisers, congratulated the audience on the start of the Caspian Construction Week, gave statistical information about the exhibitors, noted the extension of exhibition space, thanked official structures and sponsors for their support and wished successful work to the participants.

Then the letter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to the participants of the exhibition was read out.

Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Sahib Mammadov stressed the importance of the exhibition as a mechanism for the interaction between state and private businesses, discussions and establishment of cooperation between local and foreign companies in the implementation of joint projects.

The exhibitions contribute to attracting investments in the region's economy, the speaker noted; they emphasize the priorities of the restoration and development of Karabakh. All conditions have been created in Azerbaijan to attract domestic and foreign companies to this process, technoparks have been formed, the first residents are already working, offering and implementing the most state-of-the-art projects. The participation in the exhibition of a large number of companies involved in all areas of construction underlines the worthy development of the country's economy.

Chairman of the Small and Medium Businesses Development Agency Orkhan Mammadov noted the increased interest in exhibitions, which is reflected in the growth in the number of participants. It is characteristic that the relevance of projects for Karabakh is due to the conditions created for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, whose developments are being implemented in this zone today. Our organisation, said Mr. Mammadov, supports these companies in every way, and encourages them to take an active part in exhibitions, spreading information about their activities.

Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Dovletkhan Dovletkhanov emphasised the relevance of exhibitions during the period of colossal restoration and urban development activity.

The most anticipated event in the construction industry of the Caspian region clearly demonstrates the achievements in this industry, Mr. Dovletkhanov noted, offers the latest methods in the restoration and construction sector, attracts companies and specialists from around the world, and promotes international contacts. The “Rebuild Karabakh” exhibition, held for the second year running, supports the implementation of projects to restore liberated lands and conduct complex activities with the participation of local and foreign companies.

Elkhan Asadov, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Control over Safety in Construction under the Ministry of Emergency Situations, said that the construction exhibition, one of the oldest in Azerbaijan, has been held already for 27 years. Interest in it is growing, which demonstrates the attention of the state and society to this area. In the country as a whole and in Karabakh in particular, important projects are being implemented with the involvement of leading companies.

In the modern world, there are many sources of obtaining extensive information about any commodity, product and innovation, but it is the exhibitions that mainly provide positive results and ensure business promotion - both in the process of presentations and testing products on stands, and in the course of live communication and discussions between specialists.

One of the important events for the exhibition industry of Azerbaijan is the 2nd Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh" Rebuild Karabakh.

Large-scale reconstruction and restoration works are being carried out in the liberated territories at present under the control of the country leadership to restore the historical appearance of Karabakh and the city of Shusha in particular. It is not a coincidence that 2022 has been declared the “Year of Shusha city” by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

The investments for Karabakh can significantly increase thanks to attracting external contractors and investors. This is the main purpose of the Rebuild Karabakh exhibition. Diversity of presented innovative products, services and solutions create an opportunity to conclude new contracts between the representatives of various industries for the implementation of joint projects in Karabakh.

It should be noted that within three days the participants of the exhibitions will demonstrate a wide range of goods and services. Thus, the Rebuild Karabakh exhibition will cover the following sectors: Security, Extractive Industry, Information Technology, Construction, Road Construction and Infrastructure, Energy and so on.

The business program of the Rebuild Karabakh exhibition will present a good opportunity to discuss the construction and investment potential of Karabakh and East Zangezur regions. Thus, a panel discussion " Business and Investigation opportunities in Karabakh", jointly organised with KOBIA, will be held on October 19. A discussion meeting will be held with young people on the same day with the organisational support of the Karabakh Revival Foundation, on the topic: " The Benefits of Donating to Charity". A short documentary film "Urban crisis response and recovery in action" about the restoration of Agali village and other settlements liberated from the occupation will be presented as well.

The exhibitions are organised by “Caspian Event Organisers” and “Iteca Caspian”, and its partners “Caspian Event Management”, “ICA Eurasia”, “GIMA” and others.