Karabakh - flourish!

Karabakh - flourish!

21 October 2022 0000

Khagani Gumbatov, head of the Azerbaijani "Turkes Dekor 2010" company:

It was interesting for me to visit the construction exhibition, my friend and I specialise in the production of furniture and the construction industry, so we found at different stands the goods that are not yet on open sale.

As for the ReBuild Karabakh exhibition, we, as patriots, are happy to see the fantastic pace of construction works in this region. We are filled with pride!

I have already visited Karabakh several times, in particular, on company business. I was in Aghdam, Fuzuli, Shusha, Zangilan.

I am sure that these areas will prosper. There is a real restoration activity at the highest quality level, and I think that there will be work for small private companies there.