Big plans of Azergoktel LLC

Big plans of Azergoktel LLC

20 October 2022 0000

Seymur Ismayilov, Trade Operations Manager at Azergoktel LLC:

Our company participates in the BakuBuild and Rebuild Karabakh exhibitions for the first time, and we are satisfied with the way they are organised and with the possibility of finding new customers and new orders.

We have a cable plant operating on the Absheron Peninsula - the very first specialized private enterprise, established 22 years ago in independent Azerbaijan, and producing various cable products with a voltage of up to 1 kilovolt.

We really want to actively participate in the restoration of Karabakh and consider it our civic duty. We have already won one tender for the supply of power wires to this region of Azerbaijan, and we plan to continue looking for projects in Karabakh, as we intend to make every effort in the common cause of the speedy development of this pearl of Azerbaijan.

In general, we have 125 clients, and among the large ones are SOCAR, TEKFEN, the Caspian Shipping Company.

Our products are bought by leading construction companies in the country.

Also, the deliveries have been made under private contracts to the Russian Federation, the UAE, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our products are competitive, and the equipment from Germany and Turkey has been installed at the plant, and the expansion of production is being planned.

The company's plans include expansion of the supply of products to the African continent, and commencement of exports o Europe and Asia.