Agali "Smart village" is being built in Zangilan region

Agali "Smart village" is being built in Zangilan region

20 October 2022 0000

Sanan Safarov, chief specialist of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan:

We are participating in the "Restoration of Karabakh" exhibition with great pleasure - the Ministry of Agriculture has many projects in this liberated region of Azerbaijan.

One of them is already being implemented, and this is the “Smart Village” of Agali in Zangilan region.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, 200 "ecological houses", a school for 360 children, a kindergarten, social facilities with an ecological heating system, a "smart" lighting system and a waste management system are being created in this territory, on an area of ​​110 hectares.

The process of processing and production of agricultural products will be provided using alternative energy sources.

The concept of "Smart Village" implies a focus on stimulating the development of the agricultural sector in Azerbaijan through the transfer of many services to an electronic format and the use of "green" technologies and other innovative ideas.

In particular, drones are used to monitor farmland in Zangilan region. The water supply system has been digitalized, the state of the soil is being studied using new technologies, and the important climatic indicators are monitored using modern equipment.

t is very important for us that the Azerbaijani refugees, who left Zangilan region 30 years ago because of the Armenian aggression, would return to their homes as soon as possible.

The government pays special attention to restoration of Karabakh and wants to provide the people affected by the occupation with the best.