Rebuild Karabakh - Our company presents completely new insulation materials

Our company presents completely new insulation materials



Orkhan Safarov, director of Rapid Supply Solution LLC

Rapid Supply Solution has been operating since 2014. Our wide range of high-quality products is effectively used in industries such as oil and gas, construction, industrial manufacturing, and shipyards. At the Rebuild Karabakh 2022 exhibition, our company will introduce the products of Kimfor Izolasyon, Регион СпецТехно, and LAPP companies at its stand.

The insulation product manufactured by Kimfor Izolasyon is an etirely new material in its field that will change traditional insulation methods. Thermolock insulation product corresponds to an A1 fire rating (1000°C); on the other hand, it is a completely eco-friendly product. Using the product, you get isolated from fire, heat, cold, sound, and water.

The advantages over our traditional products are as follows:

1. Since the products are produced from natural components, they are completely eco-friendly, do not harm the environment, and have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificates. In addition, it is impossible to develop mold, fungus, rust, and other diseases in the future

2. As a result of using the product, you get thermal (0.047W/mk), sound (up to 35DB), and water insulation. An additional commodity with these is a fully breathable product

3. Unlike other insulation products, it is applied to the surface only 2 cm thick, so your building doesn’t get much heavier. Although the applied thickness is 2 cm, the thermal insulation properties are the same as 150 cm concrete and 80 cm brick wall.

4. After using the product, you already have a decorated surface, saving you the plastering cost.

5. Since the way of use is very convenient, you will save both time (it is possible to finish the construction of a building of the same size 2-3 times faster with our product) and labor costs.

Before, you needed products like primer, stone wool, reinforcement mesh, dupel, decorative plaster, etc., in order to fully implement the insulation process. Instead of all these, you can simply use Thermolock and save your costs and time. We can confidently say that our product, produced by the brother country Türkiye, will be the most successful one in the Karabakh region’s innovative and rapid reconstruction and development.

Exhibitions open wide opportunities for the development and expansion of cooperation. We believe that participation in the Rebuild Karabakh 2022 exhibition will be successful for our company and allow us to establish strong business relations with new partners.