Rebuild Karabakh - The Pavilion of German companies

The Pavilion of German companies



Tobias Baumann, the executive board member of the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce.

We participate at the “Rebuild Karabakh” with the Pavilion of German companies. Four German companies are represented here. 

The one is Tauber with a capacity of demining. Many tunneling systems are of course, important for infrastructure solutions, and projects. The second is Wilo which is making water pumps, air pumps, conditioning, also in the field of infrastructure, very important. The third one is from construction. We have followed which is doing prefabricated solutions for housing and also larger scale developments like not only private housing, also schools, institutions, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls. So, they can provide a whole little city or City District from their solutions.

Please tell us a little bit more about the 4-th German company, you presented here in the Event-space of “Rebuild Karabakh” some minutes ago, it works in the field of agriculture and has a special innovative solution for Karabakh?

And - last not least-in the field of agriculture we represent here ICODS HILMER GmbH, which is the long-time distributor of GEA Farm Technologies here in Azerbaijan. They together designed specified projects for the deliberated regions of Azerbaijan in the field of smart dairy farming. This project is a complete project with not only animal farming, but with smart agriculture with precision farming of plants, also with smart village with alternative electricity supply from biogas equipment, using manure and other rests from both farms. The proceeding of dairy products and meat products is also planned with the newest German technologies of GEA. All the data will be united in one platform and use intelligent software solutions and technologies from GERMANY.

One of the most important elements to implement in Karabakh now is the innovative robotic solution for large-scale dairy farms. It is an automatic system called DairyProQ. It is something, which is so to speak to the state-of-the-art in automation, health, for the cattle comfort. There is one single person needed to provide the milking of 500 cows an hour, it's energy- and time-efficient, and it is of course safe in product quality. These are modern solutions, smart Solutions as we hear mostly now from the government of Azerbaijan, that they have to be modern, sustainable, and this is the right way, something which is a step forward. No, already two steps forward to the future, if you provide the deliberated territories with the unique innovative solutions from GEA Farm Technologies. 

We have several companies from our membership who are represented here. It is very well concentrated on infrastructure Solutions and rebuilding indeed region. I think those companies represented here can, they are ready to fulfill large scale of the job which has to be done. And it's a huge job and it starts with demining and it goes via infrastructure. In terms of tubes, water, supply energy supply to power stations. And at the end, of course, also housing, streets, and life's opportunities to live there. And I think the companies represented here already provide many solutions which can be implemented there. Thank you very much.