Rebuild Karabakh - Vivid impressions of the BakuBuild and Rebuild Karabakh exhibitions

Vivid impressions of the BakuBuild and Rebuild Karabakh exhibitions



Namig Javadov, Director of Inkoel LLC:

Inkoel has two directions - automation of production processes Digital Transformation and "green" energy, as they say now, Energy Transition. We are deploying our own Microgrid systems, which are integrated into the overall system. These systems are "smart", we look at all areas of business through the prism of digitalization. This is what distinguishes us from other companies.

Inkoel also develops and assembles charging systems using new technologies. But most importantly, we create infrastructure, provide software. Access is carried out via digital protocols, RFID, cameras - depending on the wishes of the customer.

BakuBuild and Rebuild Karabakh exhibitions made a great impression! I did not expect such a huge interest from both visitors and participants. All pavilions are informatively equipped; all are very ambitious, presenting ready-made solutions. It can be seen that the professionals missed the exhibition events. People are actively checking directions and trends. I think these are very productive exhibitions that will give impetus to the further development of business, the country as a whole and, of course, the Karabakh region.

Note that our company is interested in participating in projects related to the restoration of the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. Negotiations are already underway in this direction, moreover, on several initiatives, and we hope for a positive result.