Rebuild Karabakh - The need for cable products is growing

The need for cable products is growing



Anar Dzhebrailov, Sales Manager at GÖKNUR BAKI LTD LLC:

GÖKNUR BAKI LTD is engaged in the production of electrical cables up to 35 kV. So far, we have implemented a sufficient number of projects in Azerbaijan, including in state institutions and in the commercial sector. The export of products to some CIS countries - Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc. has been established. Our cables meet all existing standards and requirements, the products are instantly tested in the laboratory.

Our participation in the exhibition is associated with the search for new partnerships. Of course, we are interested in projects being implemented in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. We are already involved in a number of works that have started in Karabakh, and we are organizing the supply of our products as soon as possible. I am sure that the number of construction projects being implemented in the Karabakh region will only increase.

I would especially like to note the high level of organisation of the BakuBuild and Rebuild Karabakh exhibitions. We also see many companies here that are ideally suited for specific projects that are in the process of being created. I would like to note that from this point of view, the products manufactured by GÖKNUR BAKI LTD may be interesting for a number of infrastructure projects, and not only in our country, because at the very beginning of construction there is always a need for cable products.