Rebuild Karabakh - Today we are building airports in Zangilan and Lachyn

Today we are building airports in Zangilan and Lachyn



Jeyhun Safarov, Media Manager of AzVirt LLC

AzVirt is actively involved in strategically important projects in Karabakh. First of all, this is the construction of airports. The air harbor in Fizuli was built in record time - in just eight months. We were engaged in the construction of the runway and apron. Today we are building airports in Zangilan and Lachyn. On the 20th of October, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva got acquainted with the progress of construction work at the Zangilan airport. It will be able to receive all types of aircraft, including heavy cargo aircraft.

In addition, AzVirt is involved in projects for the construction of trunk roads, including the 17-kilometer section of the Victory Road, as well as the Fizuli-Hadrut, Kelbajar-Lachyn and Zangilan-Agbend highways.

The Rebuild Karabakh exhibition is a very good reason for us to once again declare ourselves. This is a special historical event dedicated to the restoration of Karabakh. I am glad to see the great interest in the exhibition from foreign businessmen who are happy to present their products and services. They are happy for us, for Azerbaijan, they are happy to contribute to the development of our country.

Perhaps the most important thing for domestic companies, including AzVirt, is the fact of participation in the historical Rebuild Karabakh! I think this opinion is shared by all the exhibitors. Congratulations to everyone on its successful implementation!