Rebuild Karabakh - The exhibition attracts new market players

The exhibition attracts new market players



Inara Rzayeva, Director of Quality Freight Solutions LTD

I liked it all very much! The exhibition is well organised. I think this is a wonderful platform where companies get to know each other and present their products that they want to introduce to our market. I am sure that the exhibition plays a very important role in the development of this industry.

Quality Freight Solutions provides brokerage services. The purpose of our visit to the exhibition today is to find importers who are already represented in the Azerbaijani market and those who are going to enter this market. For our part, we can offer companies customs clearance of goods and writing declarations.

Most of all, I was interested in electronic equipment, medical devices, and repair paints. That is, imported goods that are delivered to Azerbaijan. Also I was interested in our local manufacturers, who are engaged in the import of raw materials and the export of finished products.

Today's exhibition, in particular, attracts new market players who will be interested in Karabakh in terms of investment. This is important for us in order to develop this region and implement promising plans on our liberated lands.