Rebuild Karabakh - There is a lot of work ahead in the Karabakh region!

There is a lot of work ahead in the Karabakh region!



Amis Huseynzade, founder of Max Group MS LLC:

Our company has been present on the Azerbaijani market for 15 years. We started with metal structures, worked as contractors for large companies, for example, PASHA Construction, and now we are successfully cooperating with both the private sector and government agencies. The availability of the appropriate equipment allows us to produce any required products in the shortest possible time.

Recently, we have started manufacturing a product necessary for equipping parks and parking spaces. This was done in order to optimize the production speed. You can see it at our booth. In addition, there are prototypes of solar panels for charging mobile devices via USB cables, for powering lanterns, lamps, etc. We carry out orders for any design.

We also professionally produce guide (or information) signs. Our clients are hotels, hotels, large business centers, etc.

We participate in the exhibition to find new partners. We are ready to get involved in the development of projects to restore the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. The Rebuild Karabakh exhibition provides great opportunities for realizing our potential. There is a lot of work in the Karabakh region, and Max Group MS has a rather professional team that can carry out some kind of restoration work in the shortest possible time. For example, now we are engaged in the production of park equipment for the village of Lahich, where improvement work is being carried out.