Rebuild Karabakh - Ensure the supply of medical equipment

Ensure the supply of medical equipment



Asif Yusibov, Founder of Darvin Medical LLC

Darvin Medical specializes in the supply of medical equipment to Azerbaijan and is the official distributor of a number of foreign companies. Our main reference point is high quality products, which are needed in the market. At the Rebuild Karabakh exhibition, we are showcasing ventilators, ultrasound, aspiration and liposuction machines, defibrillators, operating lamps, perfusion machines, bedside monitors, etc.  

Moreover, we are building clinics - in 2020 alone, we built two large clinics in Azerbaijan, and we are currently working on the implementation of three more projects. We not only build, but also equip them.

We have decided to participate in Rebuild Karabakh, since the restoration of the liberated territories requires the creation of multidirectional infrastructure, including medical. I think there is a prospect in this, there will be returns and results.

The exhibition was organised at a high level, in addition, it is very lively. Note that we no longer hold exhibitions in the field of medicine, so many are looking for an opportunity to declare themselves. I think this event is an excellent solution for the development of business projects. Of course, the topic of the exhibition is extremely relevant. The territory of Azerbaijan has been liberated from occupation, it needs to be restored. Everyone is interested in this, not only Azerbaijan, but also many other countries. This is evident from the activity of all foreign participants.