Rebuild Karabakh - TREYSAN products are real assets for construction companies

TREYSAN products are real assets for construction companies



Ozan AKKAYA, Sales & Projects Directors

- A distinguished company within IC Holding, TREYSAN Prefabricated Steel Construction Corp. is serving Oil & Gas companies, Construction companies, Electrification and Communication/Control Systems companies, mining companies, Military organizations, Armies and Relief organizations by providing temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions, permanent prestigious buildings, drilling camps and industrial solutions for Substation Containers, E-houses, Central Control Rooms.

In addition to top quality products manufactured in its high-tech plant in Ankara, TREYSAN also provides services in design, engineering solutions, installation, after sales-service, logistic, infrastructure, furniture and equipment supply and commissioning to fulfill Client expectations in every phase of their projects.

 TREYSAN presents fast-track custom design prefab buildings and steel structures to ensure easy installation and transportation. Instead of being a temporary solution, TREYSAN products are real assets for construction companies and investors owing to long design life and multiple use adequacy in different projects in time.

Having experience in prefabricated and steel structure manufacturing and services since 1975, TREYSAN is willing to be a trusted solution partner for the Clients having projects also in Karabakh Rebuilt.

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