Rebuild Karabakh - A real exchange hub for results

A real exchange hub for results



Zahra Amrahova, VET Coordinator of the “VET for the Future” project, UNDP Azerbaijan.

As part of the EU funded “VET for the future: development of VET providers’ excellence in Azerbaijan” project, two VET Centres namely Ganja State Vocational Education Centre on Industry and Technology and Baku State Vocational Education Centre on Industry and Innovation will be presented at this exhibition. The project is implemented by UNDP with the State Agency on Vocational Education. The teachings materials of the VET Centres, promotion and visibility materials of the project, sector specific TV lessons will be presented at the exhibition. Participants will receive information on what’s been going on in vocational education in Azerbaijan.

Selected VET Centres will demonstrate education and consulting services to the attendees. Based on the needs of participants, “Open day” will be organised for attendees of the exhibition to see modern workshops at the selected VET Centres. Promotion and visibility materials also will be disseminated during the event.

Specialised exhibitions are kind of big trade shows with well-known companies from different countries. Exhibitions welcome thousands of visitors and offer a journey through the chosen theme through engaging and immersive activities. Hence, the exhibition is a good opportunity to know about recent development, innovations in a certain field and to build business relations and improve network, and really get results out of it. This is also great opportunity for graduates to find a job and exchange expertise with the field experts; it is a real hub where you can share your results with others.