Rebuild Karabakh - Azerbaijani President laid the foundation of tunnel on Kalbajar-Lachin highway

Azerbaijani President laid the foundation of tunnel on Kalbajar-Lachin highway



President Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation of a 3.4-kilometer tunnel to be built on the Kalbajar-Lachin highway, APA reports.

The length of the Kalbajar-Lachin highway built by the order of President Ilham Aliyev is 72.8 kilometers. The width of the carriageway, which will be built in accordance with the first and second technical categories, will be 9-16 meters. Underpasses and bridges will be built on the road, which will have two and four lanes. Three tunnels will be built as well. The total length of the tunnels will be 9,450 meters.

"The foundation of a second tunnel was laid today. A tunnel will be built on the Kalbajar-Lachin highway, and the commissioning of the second tunnel will make travel more comfortable. Roads are of special importance for the comprehensive development of the whole region, of East Zangezur. When the investment program for the liberated lands was launched, tunnels were built for these projects on my instructions, including one on the road to Shusha and here. The construction of a tunnel is also difficult, especially in such a difficult mountainous terrain. At the same time, it is very expensive. But we are doing it and we will do it. Because it is necessary for the development of the region, for East Zangazur. When people return here, they will have very comfortable communication with other regions of Azerbaijan. The link between Kalbajar and Lachin districts will grow stronger – the construction of an airport is planned in Lachin district. At the same time, travel in the direction of Kalbajar-Goygol-Ganja will become more comfortable. The work done in just eight to nine months shows again that we have a very strong will, political decisions have been made, all resources and technical capabilities have been mobilized, funding has been provided, human resources have emerged in Azerbaijan, including the area of construction, and comprehensive work is underway. Power lines, hydropower plants, substations, tunnels, bridges, airports, social facilities and all other issues are powering ahead. Here is a picture of this tunnel, which will be very comfortable and safe.

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" noted the head of state.